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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
Liwal IT Security Systems
Liwal IT Security Systems™ a division of Liwal, UAE is a system integrator in the IT/ICT security products, solutions, services and support in the Middle East with niche market focus in the UAE that entail the following offerings:
End point Security, Datacenter Security, E-mail Security, Virtualization Security, Vulnerability Assessment Patch Management Cryptography, Data loss prevention, Web Fraud Prevention Solution, Mobile Security, Security Intelligence Services, DDOS Attack prevention and provide the protection from APT’s Typical Backup/Cloud Backup.
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Our other services
One of our dedicated team specialist in the other industry solutions like;
OCR, print, capture and PDF solutions.
Cloud back up, disaster recovery, system provisioning. storage and disk management for business and for service providers.
Online software distribution, subscription based and web services.
Digital photo, video, music, DVD , and audio production.
Corporate training programs.

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